How to Make the Perfect Wedding Song Playlist

perfect wedding song playlist

Your wedding day is fast approaching, your dream South Florida country club venue is booked, the dress is bought and being tailored – the only thing left on the list is the wedding songs. Your wedding day should be personal, and being personal means choosing the songs that are going to be played during the most pivotal moments at your wedding. Where do you start to make the perfect wedding song list? Our country club in south Florida has got you covered.


This is your welcoming music. Family and friends have traveled far to witness this beautiful ceremony take place. The first step in designing your wedding playlist is to play something relaxing and harmonious. These songs aren’t going to be on for very long, and should only be played for 15-30 minutes before the wedding ceremony begins. Look for songs and tunes that promotes relaxation, but still have an upbeat tune to get everyone ready. Think of this part as the appetizer before the main meal.  


This refers to the wedding song that gets played when the formal family, bridal party, and groomsmen enter. Once they have been placed, you can switch up the song for the bride, or play something entirely different. Talk to our advisors at our South Florida wedding venue for what most brides walk down to, or do something completely different.


Look for songs that are happy, for this is your formal exit. The big moment has happened, your vows were spoken, tears were shed, and the first kiss sealed the deal.

Postlude and Cocktails

Postlude is the music that plays to cue the guests to exit. Guests will exit the recessional area and go towards the cocktail area for drinks and food while the bride and groom take photos. The music that’s played at cocktail hour is your chance to play something with total freedom. Do you want a relaxed atmosphere? Do you want the vibe to be upbeat and wild? Think of what kind of wedding you and your partner wish to have when choosing the songs.

Dinner Music

There are two options for this when making the perfect wedding song playlist. First, this music can be played as you enter as bride and groom and continue the same genre throughout dinner. The second option can be to separate the two from one another.

First Dance

When deciding your wedding song playlist, keep in mind what you two want for your first dance. In this aspect, it can be as cliché as you want it, or it can be surprising and be as funky as you like it. Out of all the songs you choose when deciding your wedding song list, take the time to figure out this one the most.

Dancing with Parents

Talk to your parents on what they would like, or simply let them have free range over this area.

Reception (Dancing)

This section is what you want your guests to listen to when they dance during the reception. When deciding your wedding song playlist, talk to your friends and family on what songs they want to hear. Have a mix of everything, that way it doesn’t tire, and there is always something to dance to.

Last Dance

This is completely optional, but if you do decide you want a last song, you can have a private moment with you and your partner to remember your magical day.