10 Things You’ll Forget to Do on Your Wedding Day (Brides & Grooms)

Overnight Bag

If there’s one thing that all married couples can agree on its this, your wedding day goes by so fast. In fact, its not at all unusual for the happy couple to “miss” the whole thing. In all the hustle there are things you’ll forget to do on your wedding day. No worries, we can help you remember!

You’ll be bouncing from place to place; photos, cocktails, speeches, mingling, dinner and then you’re running out, so trying to keep track of the little things, including paying attention to your needs, is going to be tough.

We spoke to some brides and grooms and asked them for advice. You’ll see their quotes sprinkled throughout this article.

10 – Remember Your New Bride/Groom

We don’t want to admit it, but this is something we all forget to do on your wedding day; pay attention to your new husband/wife. I mean, they are the reason this is all happening, right? Don’t forget about your new partner in crime.

9 – Bathrooms are Important

You won’t be near many mirrors and you’ll be flying around constantly. And the wedding venue you choose won’t have mirrors anywhere but the bathrooms. Be sure to check yourself out and make sure you are looking good. This is a priority for both of you. And bathrooms are important for other obvious reasons.

“TMI but hopefully someone can learn from this: Have a bathroom plan while you’re getting ready. I had a hotel room where all of us girls were getting ready with hair/makeup. What I didn’t take into account was that when I’m nervous, I have to use the restroom frequently and I wasn’t comfortable doing that while they were all just outside the door 🙁 So I ended up having to use the lobby restroom and all those people eating the hotel’s breakfast saw me with my hair in rolls like an old lady lol.” – BernThereDoneThat.

8 – Don’t Forget to Remind the Photographer What Pictures You Want

Even the photographer might forget some of these things. Remind the photographer what pictures you want by giving them a checklist in advance. It happens to often at every wedding that a specific picture is forgotten about and never taken.

7 – Overnight Bag

You will have so many more important things to worry about, right? Forgetting something simple like a phone charger adds an unnecessary amount of stress. But you’ll be texting and calling all day, so be sure to bring a charger.

Also, an overnight bag will have a change of clothes for the morning after the wedding, which is important. “I’ve heard a few cautionary tales about the couple forgetting to bring overnight bags, resulting in a hilarious wedding dress/suit “walk of shame” out of the hotel the next morning.” – Opuntialantana.

6 – Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Are you superstitious? Weddings will make even the most scientific person a superstitious wreck. This may be an old and outdated tradition, but if you forget to do this on your wedding day, you might be blaming every issue on your lack of foresight.

5 – Tip the Vendors

So, you’ve spent all the planning time playing close attention to the wedding budget, but like most people, you probably forgot about tips and gratuity. On the day that the chairs arrive are you going to tip the divers and loaders? How about the caterers and chefs? This is something common you’ll forget to do on your wedding day. Keep some cash in envelopes with the names of the recipients and use it to tip for great service.

4 – Put Someone in Charge of Crisis

Usually the bride, groom, and wedding planner rely on the best man and maid of honor to handle the little things that come up. Maybe it’s a last-minute errand, maybe its coordinating the truck that delivers the tables and chairs, there is always something. It helps to have a designated person, point of contact just for the day. Tell the best man and maid of honor to be on call for these issues and save you lots of frantic running around.

3 – Thank People

Be sure to thank everyone you come across while you are rushing around. Sometimes a little thank you can go a long way. At the beginning of every meeting, say a little thank you in person!

2 – Take in The Moment – Pen and Notepad

Because “being present” is easy to forget to do on your wedding day. Again, you’ll be so rushed, so caught up that you might forget to take in the moment, to pay attention to what’s going on around you. Take some time to take mental notes of what’s going on. Keep a small notepad in your pocket or open up a note application on your phone and make small noted of what’s going on from time to time. Years later when you read those notes, you’ll be able to relive memories you would have once forgotten.

“Dance. I was so busy talking to everyone, I didn’t get to dance as much as I wanted.” – VegetarianMeatBalls.

1 – Pay Attention to Yourself

It’s easy to forget that this day is about you. In fact, modern weddings seem to put the bride and groom last on the list of priorities. You must keep everyone happy and entertained on your wedding day. So, don’t forget to drink lots of water, to eat when you have the chance, and to take a break! You designed the wedding menu to be delicious so you should try the food too! Of all the things you forget on your wedding day, don’t forget about yourself.

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