Lobster Night at The Deer Creek Grille


Lobster Night mashed potatoes, drawn butter and scallops.


Reservations are required: Call us 954-421-5553.


The best place for lobster in Deerfield Beach is the Deer Creek Grille, and the proof is in our packed house every month. Our customers travel from near and far just for a taste of our lobster!

The Deer Creek Grille is so much more than just a country club style restaurant in South Florida; we are a purveyor of one of the best lobster dinners in South Florida! And we are happy to announce that the Deer Creek Lobster night is now a year-long extravaganza!

Our patrons asked for more lobster and extra butter, and we listened. We are extending our lobster night beyond the confines of just the summer. That’s right, the Deer Creek Grille will be hosting a lobster night once a month, every month of the year.

Lobster Dinner Menu

The best place for lobster is in Fort Lauderdale at the Deer Creek Grille, where we do classic lobster meals with the freshest ingredients. We serve the same, classic, loved and asked for lobster dinner once a month at the Deer Creek Grille.

You can expect high quality, delicious, 1 ¼ lb., fresh steamed Maine lobster covered in drawn butter with scalloped potatoes and broccoli. The only thing that could possible make it any better are the fresh, hot rolls serviced with every lobster dinner. To keep our patrons guessing, our mystery dessert will change once a month, so you can come for what you know, and stay for the surprise at the end!

You can see our lobster night menu as well as all other menus at the bottom of the Deer Creek Grille page.  Be sure to check in to the lobster night on the Deer Creek Facebook page as well!

Lobster Night Dates and Times

We want to make sure that lobster night at Deer Creek is special, so we only host it once a month. You can always visit the Deer Creek Facebook page and follow us there to receive notifications of all upcoming lobster nights.

We serve gourmet style lobster dinners, but we ensure that the menu is affordable at $25.95 per person. Lobster dinners are served from 4:00 to 9:00 PM, which is plenty of time to ensure you get to experience the best place for lobster in South Florida; the community, the atmosphere and the food!

Reservations are Required

Because the demand on lobster nights has increased, we require that all guests reserve and book their spots for the lobster dinner; reservations are required. Book ahead to ensure your seat is ready. Call us for reservations at 954-421-5553.

If you have missed this month’s lobster night, don’t fret; there will be another one next month.  Make sure to check out the Deer Creek special events and holiday dining menu to see if there is a dinner night soon!