Rules for Buying Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players


Golf Clubs for intermediate players


So you think you are ready to call yourself an intermediate golfer? If so, allow Deer Creek Golf Club to impart some crucial advice on buying golf clubs for intermediate players.

Your biggest golf feat right now is that you find yourself in this sort of in-between zone where you are not an amateur anymore, but not exactly a professional golfer either. The important thing to remember in this transition period from good golfer to better golfer, is that any equipment you purchase should work for your skill level, but also work enough that you can use it after you have improved.


If you are making the switch from amateur golfer to intermediate, it is time to spend a little bit of money on your golf clubs. Sure, when you were a beginner you went for the standard 3 wood, 5 iron, 9 iron, wedge and putter. Those are beginners golf clubs, not golf clubs for intermediate players. Spend some money on a few custom clubs. You don’t have to go for the entire set, but you should consider splurging on a custom 8 iron and a custom putter.

Speaking of putters, get that short game under control while you’re at it! Golf clubs for intermediate players should always include a custom putter and something that costs a little more than the average one-size-fits-all approach. Your short game is one of the most important aspects to get under control.

Know Your Skills

Know your skill level and be honest about the evaluation of you transitioning into an intermediate player. You can have your swing speed analyzed at the Deer Creek Golf Club Pro Shop and talk to our staff to get a sense of your skill level. You can also calculate your handicap and decide if you are ready to start splurging on new golf clubs.

Your Brand

Brand is by preference, but it is not ideal to opt for an expensive brand just yet. Amateur or intermediate golfers who rock expensive golf clubs look out of place on the golf course and professional golfers will take notice. Buy a few good clubs and slowly build your golf club set until you are beyond intermediate and can splurge on a whole new set. As a rule of thumb, stick to intermediate golf club sets that are less than $500 in total.


Invest in a few golf lessons at a championship golf course. If you are moving up from beginner to intermediate golfer, that means that your game is improving. Taking a few lessons will dramatically improve your game and it will also prevent you from building bad habits before entering a more professional level.