12 Unique & Essential Items to Put in Your Golf Bag

Essentials for Your Golf Bag

Your golf bag is filled with random equipment and non-golfing items from years ago, guaranteed. Old lighters. A clubhouse towel you “borrowed”. 10 free tees from the golf pro shop. Unusable golf balls. The list goes on. There are so many pockets in that behemoth and they have all filled up quickly. Now you have a golf bag filled with random things you don’t need and no space for the stuff you do need.

Enough is enough. Deer Creek Golf Club has created a list of the stuff for your golf bag that we often forget about, but stuff that’s essential. Some of these items you can pick up at our golf pro shop, and all of them are easy to find.

  1. Energy Shot

Starting off with a lesser known, but highly valuable item for your golf bag. You’ve seen the difference brands before and you’ll find them at the counter at every convenience store and gas station in North America. These can be a life saver when your energy levels wain around the 15th hole.

  1. Golf Rule Book

Every golf pro shop has a copy of the USGA golf rules and every golf bag should have one. Can you look up rules online? Yes. However, will it take longer to comb through the USGA website? Yes. Get the book!

  1. Eye Drops

This is an essential item for your golf bag. You’ll be thankful you have it when the time comes.

  1. Pain Remedy

Ibuprofen is an excellent choice because it also helps with swelling which you are undoubtedly experiencing if you’re playing golf. If you don’t take any other advice from this article, at least include pain remedy in the stuff for your golf bag.

  1. Business Cards

We can’t help you find this essential golf bag item but we recommend you place it in your bag! Read the Deer Creek Golf Club guide for great business meetings on the golf course for more valuable insight.

  1. Sun Screen

Always go for the spray sun screen if you can because the lotion will ruin your grip and thus your swing and thus your game. Also, the lotion just seems to get everywhere. Save that stuff for the beach.

  1. Umbrella

Find a small umbrella that will fit nicely in your bag. If you live in South Florida you know just how temperamental the rain can be so an umbrella among the must have stuff for your golf bag. It’s one of the most underrating things for your golf bag.

  1. Extra socks and shirt

There’s no need to rush out and buy an extra pair of socks and a golf shirt before your next round. Just visit the golf pro shop at the course and buy the cheapest shirt and socks you can find. Then store them amount the other stuff in your golf bag and use in case of an emergency.

  1. Cell phone battery charger

This can be a game changer, especially if you’re golfing for business.

  1. Cash

No, don’t go putting large sums in your golf bag. But keep about $20 in singles in there. You’ll never know when you need it.

  1. Golf Ball Marker

Go get something custom! Using quarters and tools is lame. Pro tip: browse at poker website and look for card covers. They have some of the best custom coins you’ll ever find and they are not expensive.

  1. Gloves

Pick up a backup pair at the golf pro shop. Gloves always come in handy. No pun intended.